Urochloa P.Beauv.

Glumes 2; the lower one usually shorter and different from the sterile lemma Urochloa
Hairs absent from the tops of the pedicels
Lower lemma without a palea. Ascending annual up to 1 m high. Leaf blade up to 9 mm wide, hairy or glabrous. Spikelets 3–5 mm long. Racemes up to 5, 2–6 cm long. Cumberland Plain. Grasslands. Fl. summer Urochloa piligera
Lower lemma with a palea. Decumbent perennial. Leaf blades 4–18 mm wide, pubescent. Racemes up to 10, 4–9 cm long. Spikelets 5–7 mm long, distant. Coast. Usually near RF. Fl. summer. Leafy Panic Urochloa foliosa