Wahlenbergia Schrad. ex Roth.

Flowers regular, funnel-shaped or rotate. Stamens free Wahlenbergia
Perennial herb with spreading rhizomes; glabrous or ± hirsute on lower stems. Stems and inflorescences unbranched or with 1–2 branches. Flowers solitary or 2–3 per stem. Leaves sessile, 5–50 mm long, obovate to narrow elliptic becoming linear to lanceolate on upper stem; margins entire. Sepals narrow triangular, 2.5–6 mm long, glabrous. Corolla blue or white, lobes acute, 10–23 mm long, tube 3–7.5 mm long. Capsule obconic 5–10 mm long, glabrous. At high altitudes in dense vegetation. Fl. summer–autumn Wahlenbergia ceracea
Tufted perennial herbs without rhizomes the stems and inflorescences becoming much branched