Compositae: A, diagram of a tubular flower and subtending bract; B, of a filiform flower C, of a sterile female ray flower (style and stigmas lacking); D, of a bisexual ligulate flower; E, cypsela and pappus of Helichrysum bracteatum; F, cypsela and pappus of Helichrysum semipapposum; G, cypsela and pappus of Helipterum albicans; H, cypsela of Calotis cuneifolia surmounted by 2 barbed awns and 2 scales; I, beaked cypsela of Lactuca serriola; J, cypsela and pappus of Leptorhynchus squamatus, with a short beak; K, cypsela and barbed pappus of Bidens pilosa; L, winged cypsela of Solvia sessilis with persistent, spiny style.