Actephila Blume

5 species in Aust.; Qld, NSW

Actephila lindleyi (Steud.) Airy Shaw

Glabrous, monoecious, tall shrub or tree. Leaves spirally arranged, lanceolate to broad-lanceolate, 6–10 cm long, entire or irregularly sinuate; stipules caducous. Flowers in axillary clusters. Peduncles of male flowers up to 1 mm long, those of the female 6 mm long. Sepals 5–6, spreading, imbricate. Petals very small or absent. Stamens 3–6. Ovary 3-locular; styles 3, shortly 2-fid. Fruit hard, globular, c. 12 mm diam. Illawarra district. RF