Alphitonia Endl.

6 species in Aust. (4 endemic); Qld, NSW, NT, WA

Alphitonia excelsa (Fenzl) Reisseck ex Benth.

Tall tree with rusty tomentose young branches and inflorescence. Leaves alternate, ovate or elliptic to very narrow-ovate, 7–12 cm long, obtuse or acuminate, coriaceous, entire, penniveined, white or rusty tomentose underneath; stipules small, caducous. Flowers 4–6 mm diam., numerous, in terminal or axillary cymes. Calyx 5-lobed, spreading. Petals 5, involute, enclosing the stamens. Ovary 2- or rarely 3-locular, immersed in the broad disc. Fruit drupaceous, blackish, globular to ovoid, usually 6–10 mm diam., with a small rim or annular line towards the base. Widespread. In or near RF. Fl. spring. Red Ash