1 gen., Aust.

Aphanopetalum Endl.

2 species native Aust., Qld, NSW, Vic., WA

resinosum Endl.

Straggling climber, glabrous. Leaves simple, glossy, thinly coriaceous, ovate- or elliptic-lanceolate to lanceolate, 4–10 cm long, obtuse or shortly acuminate, obtusely serrate. Flowers few in short cymes or sometimes a loose panicle. Sepals 4, soon enlarging, oblong to very narrow-ovate, c. 12 mm long. Petals minute or absent. Ovary 4-locular; stylar branches 4, ± united. Fruit a nut surrounded by the persistent sepals. Coast; Hunter River Valley. RF and gullies. Fl. spring