Arrhenechthites Mattf.

1 species endemic AUST;. NSW, Vic.

Arrhenechthites mixta (A.Rich.) Belcher

Perennial herb up to c. 1 m high, ± woody at the base, sparingly branched. Basal leaves broad-lanceolate to ovate, with winged petioles; upper leaves lobed to pinnatisect, up to 10 cm long, glabrous or cottony, sessile or petiolate, stem-clasping. Inflorescence a terminal cymose corymb, much branched, lax. Heads solitary on a stalk up to 5 cm long. Involucre 6–8 mm diam., 10–12 mm long; bracts 5–8, ± in 2 rows. Outer florets female, filiform, slightly exceeding the involucre. Disk florets 2–3, functionally male because of the absence of stigmas. Cypselas 7–8 mm long. Pappus of white hairs, 10–12 mm long. Blue Mts Moist places; gullies. Fl. summer