Atkinsonia F.Muell.

1 species endemic Aust.; NSW

Atkinsonia ligustrina (A.Cunn. ex F.Muell.) F.Muell.

Erect shrub 1–2 m high, parasitic on the roots of neighbouring trees or shrubs. Leaves opposite, lanceolate, 2–5 cm long, obtuse, narrowed into a petiole. Flowers on very short pedicels, in axillary racemes shorter than the leaves, sweetly scented. Bracteoles 2, close under the flower, with a third or subtending bract often a little lower than the pedicel. Petals usually 6, occasionally 7–8, free, linear, c. 6 mm long. Anthers dorsifixed, versatile. Fruit ovoid-oblong, scarlet. Blue Mts DSF. Ss. Fl. summer