C. 45 gen., trop. and warm temp.

Capparis L.

18 species in Aust. (13 endemic) all states and territories except Vic. and Tas.

Capparis arborea (F.Muell.) Maiden

Minutely pubescent to glabrous, small tree or ± scrambling when young, often with pungent subulate prickles. Leaves ovate to elliptic, up to 12 cm long; those on the sterile branches often smaller and with a pungent tip. Buds tomentose. Sepals 4; the outer 2 connate in the bud and breaking irregularly. Petals 4, white. Stamens numerous. Fruit a hard skinned berry, up to 5 cm diam. Lower Hunter River Valley. Open Forests. Fl. summer. Brush Caper Berry; Native Orange