Chondrilla L.

1 species naturalized Aust.; Qld, NSW, Vic., SA, WA

*Chondrilla juncea L.

Perennial herb with a long taproot. Leaves mostly basal, mostly c. 10 cm long, toothed or acutely lobed; cauline leaves linear, c. 2 cm long. Scapes up to 1 m high, leafless at maturity. Heads solitary or 2–3 together on the upper branches. Involucre cylindrical, 10–13 mm long; bracts c. 8. Florets 9–15, all ligulate; rays yellow. Cypselas 4 mm long, 5-angled and ribbed, surmounted by a 5-toothed crown and a beak 4–5 mm long, with numerous white pappus hairs 6–7 mm long. Widespread. Weed of cultivation, pastures and waste places. Introd. from Europe and Asia. Fl. summer. Skeleton Weed