Clerodendrum L.

9 species in Aust. (7 endemic); Qld, NSW, NT, WA

Clerodendrum tomentosum R.Br.

Tall shrub or small tree. Leaves and inflorescences pubescent; older leaves sometimes glabrescent. Leaves opposite, ovate-elliptic to almost lanceolate, entire, 5–11 cm long, on rather long petioles. Flowers numerous in compact terminal corymbs or rarely in loose axillary cymes. Calyx campanulate, 5-lobed, c. 6 mm long but enlarging in the fruiting stage to c. 20 mm diam. and becoming bright red. Corolla tube c. 20 mm long; lobes 6–8 mm long, spreading, creamy-white. Stamens protruding from the corolla by as much as 2 cm, later rolled back. Fruit drupaceous, black, glossy. Coast. WSF; RF margins; often persisting in cleared areas. Fl. spring–summer