Coreopsis L.

1 species naturalized Aust.; Qld, NSW, Vic.

*Coreopsis lanceolata L.

Perennial herb up to 1 m high, hirsute. Leaves basal and cauline, up to 30 cm long, spathulate, on long petioles; uppermost cauline leaves sessile, c. 2 cm long; remaining leaves pinnatisect, almost pinnate. Head solitary on axillary peduncles 25–30 cm long. Involucre 1–2 cm diam.; bracts broad, green, in 3 rows; the outermost ones narrowest. Ray florets female; ray yellow, 3–4 cm long, toothed. Disc florets tubular, yellow. Cypselas compressed, black, 2–3 mm long, with 2 broad wings. Pappus absent. Widespread. Weed along railway lines and roadsides. Introd. from N. America. Fl. summer