Delairea Lem.

1 species naturalized Aust.; NSW. Vic., Tas., S.A.

*Delairea odorata Lem.

Climbing or scrambling perennial with stems several metres long. Heads in terminal corymbs. Leaves alternate, broad-ovate to orbicular, palmately 3–7-lobed or angled, cordate-hastate, 4–8 cm long; stipules reniform. Involucre cylindrical 2–3 mm diam. Large bracts 8, in one row. Florets 8–12, all tubular. Cypselas glabrous, cylindrical, 1–2 mm long. Pappus 3–4 mm long. Coast and gullies in adjacent plateaus. Weed in moist waste places in forests, gullies and margins of RF. Introd. from Africa. Fl. winter–spring. Cape Ivy