Doryphora Endl.

2 species endemic Aust.; Qld, NSW

Doryphora sassafras Endl.

Large tree, aromatic in all its parts. Young shoots and inflorescence silky hairy. Leaves elliptic to oblong-lanceolate, narrowed at the base, glabrous, ± coarsely serrate, 4–10 cm long; venation distinct on undersurface. Flowers bisexual, usually 3 together on a short axillary peduncle; the whole enclosed in the bud stage by 2 deciduous bracteoles. Perianth segments 6, white, lanceolate, c. 8 mm long, tapering to fine points. Fertile stamens 6; connective produced into a fine awn nearly as long as the perianth segments. Carpels several; style plumose. Floral tube enlarged in the fruit, ovoid, c. 12 mm long, with a narrow neck, splitting open and exposing the ripe carpels. Widespread. RF. Fl. early spring. Sassafras