Erigeron L.

8 species in Aust. (5 endemic, 3 naturalized); NSW, Vic., Tas., S.A., NT

*Erigeron karvinskianus DC.

Perennial herb up to c. 30 cm high, much branched from the base. Lower leaves 3-lobed or coarsely 3–5-toothed at the apex, 1–3 cm long; upper leaves linear-lanceolate. Heads few, on long peduncles, 8–15 mm diam. Involucral bracts linear, acute, hairy, in several rows. Ray florets in several rows, pale purple turning white and finally pink, 6–8 mm long. Cypselas compressed. Pappus of fine whitish hairs longer than the cypsela. Widespread. Garden escape into moist areas. Introd. from Central America. Fl. spring–summer. Fleabane