Facelis Cass.

1 species naturalized Aust.; NSW

*Facelis retusa (Lam.) Sch.Bip.

Perennial, decumbent herb. Leaves crowded, spathulate, emarginate, 1–2 cm long. Stem-clasping, with recurved margins, glabrous on the upper surface, woolly white underneath. Heads in short terminal racemes. Involucre cylindrical, acuminate, 4–7 mm diam.; bracts silvery white, scarious, not radiating. Florets all tubular, numerous. Cypselas silky hairy, 1–1.5 mm long. Pappus of numerous capillary hairs, 10–15 mm long, each bearing numerous fine barbellate interlacing branches. Coast. Weed near habitation. Introd. from S. America. Fl. spring–summer