Glossogyne Cass.

2 species in Aust. ( 1 endemic); all states and territories except Tas.

Glossogyne tannensis (Spreng.) Garn.-Jones

Erect, perennial herb up to 60 cm high. Stems often almost leafless or decumbent and leafy at the base. Leaves mostly basal; the lowest cuneate and 3-lobed; all the others pinnatipartite into 5 or 7 stiff almost linear segments which are either entire or 2–3-lobed. Heads on slender terminal peduncles. Involucre 5–8 mm diam.; bracts in 2 rows, narrow, nearly equal. Ray florets female; rays up to 10 mm long, yellow, sometimes absent. Disc florets tubular, bisexual. Cypselas linear, c. 8 mm long, flattened, striate. Pappus of 2 erect barbellate awns 4 mm long. Widespread. Grasslands and tall forests. Usually on clay soils. Fl. summer. Cobbler’s Tack