Gmelina L.

5 species in Aust. (2 endemic); Qld, NSW, NT

Gmelina leichhardtii (F.Muell.) Benth.

Tree, usually tall. Leaves opposite, entire, ovate, 7–14 cm long, glabrous on the upper surface, tomentose and with raised veins underneath. Flowers in a pyramidal terminal panicle. Calyx truncate, tomentose, enlarging under the fruit. Corolla white with purple markings; tube dilated, 8–10 mm long; lobes 5, spreading, shorter than the tube. Ovary 4-locular. Fruit nearly globular, drupaceous, blue, c. 25 mm diam. Coast, e.g. Minnamurra Falls, head of Patonga Creek. In or near RF. Fl. spring–summer. White Beech