Gypsophila L.

2 species naturalized Aust.; NSW, Vic., Tas., S.A.

*Gypsophila tubulosa (Jaub. & Spach) Boiss.

Small, erect annual with sticky glandular hairs. Leaves linear, 5–15 mm long. Flowers in large dichasia on peduncles longer than the leaves. Calyx campanulate-tubular, 4–5 mm long, with 5 green ribs terminating in short teeth. Petals slightly longer than sepals, pink, notched at the apex. Stamens 10. Styles 2. Capsule ovoid-oblong, c. as long as the calyx, opening by 4 valves. Seeds minute. Coast and adjacent plateaus. Sandy soils. Introd. from Asia Minor. Fl. spring. Annual Chalkwort (previously known as G australis which was considered native, but this now seems doubtful )