Huperzia Bernh.

12 species native AUST.; Qld, N.S.W., Vic., Tas.

Huperzia varia (R.Br.) Trevis

Erect terrestrial and pendent epiphytic plants; stems tufted, several times forked, 20–50 cm long. Sterile leaves dark green, thin, crowded, widely spreading to right angles, lanceolate or narrowly ovate, ± acute, not keeled, decurrent along the stem, 8–15 mm long, 1–2.5 mm wide; margins entire. Gradual transition from the sterile to the fertile zone. Strobili always terminal, usually forked, 8–15(-20) cm long, ± 4-sided; sporophylls ovate, ± acute, 3–5 mm long, 2 mm wide, ± keeled, decurrent along the stem; margins entire. Blue Mts, rare. RF. On rocks, terrestrial or epiphytes