*Hypochaeris microcephala (Sch.-Bip.) Cabreraalbiflora (Kuntze) Cabrera

Rays white. Hairs of the pappus in 1 row, all plumose, 6–7 mm long. Leaves basal and cauline, 5–15 cm long; basal leaves sinuately lobed, 15–25 mm wide; cauline leaves narrower, with a few teeth. Scapes up to 25 cm high, usually branched several times. Heads solitary. Involucre 10–12 mm long. Cypselas 5 mm long; beak 5 mm long. Perennial with a fleshy taproot. Coast and Cumberland Plain. Weed of cultivation and waste places. Introd. from Europe; Asia and Africa. Fl. summer. White Flatweed