Ibicella ( )

1 species naturalized Aust.; NSW, Qld.

*Ibicella lutea (Lind.) Van. Eselt

Annual her to 30 cm high. Leaves opposite, reniform 7–12 cm long, 7–19 cm wide, margins dentate, petiole 10–15 cm long. Inflorescences terminal, few-flowered. Calyx 10–20 mm long, lower 2 sepal broader than upper 3. Corolla spiny, c. 3 cm long, tubular, unequally 5-lobed, yellow with purple spots. Capsule 5–15 cm long, 2–3 cm wide, horns 5–12 cm long. Introd. from S. America. Noxious in some areas. Fl. summer–autumn