Lambertia Sm.

10 species endemic Aust.; NSW, WA

Lambertia formosa Sm.

Shrub 1–2 m high. Leaves linear to oblong, 3–5 cm long, mostly in whorls of 3, rigid, glossy above, mucronate, pale underneath with a prominent midvein; margins recurved. Inflorescence terminal, head-like, with 7 sessile flowers enclosed within an involucre of red imbricate bracts. Perianth red; tube 2–5 cm long; segments spirally and equally revolute. Anthers sessile. Style rigid, filiform, projecting 10–16 mm beyond the perianth; pollen presenter filiform, below the stigma. Hypogynous glands connate into a cup at the base of the ovary. Fruit a follicle, rugose, woody, with a short beak, and with a long horn on each valve. Widespread. Heath and DSF. Ss. Fl. most of the year. Mountain Devil