Lavatera L.

1 or 2 species naturalized Aust.; all states and territories except Tas.

Lavatera trimestris L.

Annual herbs to 50 cm high. usually covered with a stellate pubescence. Leaves ovate 2–6 cm long, ± lobed to unlobed, margins crenate. Petiole 1–7 cm long. Epicalyx with 3 broad connate bracteoles forming a lobed cup. Flowers usually solitary. Petals 8–30 mm long. Ovary 6–12-locular; stylar branches 6–12. Fruit a schizocarp, splitting into 1-seeded mericarps. Mericarps covered by a disc-like expansion of the central axis. An occasional garden escape. Introd. from the Mediterranean. Fl. spring–summer