3 gen., cosmop.

Utricularia L.


c. 60 species in AUST, (42 endemic); all states and territories

Annual or perennial herbs, aquatic swamp or bog plants. Leaves alternate or basal, frequently dimorphic; submerged or subterranean leaves usually finely divided, bearing bladders which trap small aquatic animals; emerged basal leaves entire, sometimes absent at flowering time. Flowers solitary or in racemes, bisexual, irregular. Calyx 2-lipped. Corolla tubular, spurred at the base, 5-lobed, 2-lipped; upper lip erect, broad, 2-lobed or almost entire; lower lip 2–3-lobed or almost entire, with a convex palate almost closing the throat. Stamens 2, sometimes with 2 staminodes, epipetalous. Ovary superior, 1-locular; style 2-fid; placentas free-central. Fruit a globular capsule opening by 2 valves.