Melanthera Rohr

1 species native Aust.; Qld, NSW, NT

Melanthera biflora (L.) Wild

Perennial, straggling herb up to 1 m high, usually with white appressed hairs. Leaves opposite, 8–10 cm long, 2–4 cm wide, petiolate, 3-veined, toothed. Heads usually 3 together on a leafless peduncle. Involucre 10 mm diam.; bracts herbaceous, in 2 rows. Ray florets 10–12, ligulate, female, white. Disc florets tubular, bisexual. Cypselas 2–4 mm long, slightly flattened. Pappus absent or consisting of 1–3 caducous awns 1 mm long. Coast. Dunes and headlands. Fl. summer