Microseris D.Don

1 species endemic Aust.; all states and territories except NT

Microseris lanceolata (Walp.) Sch.Bip.

Perennial herb with a fleshy taproot. Leaves basal, glabrous, linear-lanceolate, 10–20 cm long, entire or with a few distant teeth or lobes. Heads solitary on leafless scapes 10–40 cm high. Involucre green, cylindrical, 20–25 mm long; the bracts in 2 rows. Florets all ligulate; rays 10–15 mm long. Cypselas 8–10 mm long, with 10 obtuse, longitudinal ribs. Pappus of 10–12 thin white scales, c. 15 mm long, tapering into barbellate awns. Western Blue Mts Open forests and grasslands. Fl. summer