10 gen., trop. to warm temp., particularly America.

Passiflora L.


12 species in Aust. (3 native); all states and territories except S.A.

Climbers with axillary tendrils. Leaves palmately lobed or divided or sometimes entire; stipules often small, caducous. Flowers bisexual, regular. Petals and calyx lobes 5, often similarly coloured. One or several rings of coloured filaments or appendages forming a corona around the petals. Stamens as many as calyx lobes, so united with the long stalk of the ovary as to appear inserted at or near its summit. Ovary superior, on a gynophore, 1-locular; placentas usually 3, parietal; styles 3, with large capitate stigmas. Fruit a berry; seeds enclosed in an aril.