Phyla Lour.

1 species naturalized Aust.; Qld, NSW, Vic., SA., WA, NT

*Phyla canescens (Kunth) Greene

Prostrate, perennial herb, usually sparingly pubescent. Leaves opposite, obovate to linear-cuneate, toothed at the apex, 10–25 mm long. Flowers in cylindrical to ovoid axillary spikes on long peduncles. Bracts closely imbricate, longer than the calyx. Calyx 2-lipped. Corolla 4-lobed, white to pink or mauve, 2-lipped; lower lip twice as long as the upperlip; tube short. Stamens 4. Fruit separating into 2 mericarps. Coast and adjacent plateaus; Moist areas. Cumberland Plain; Hunter River Valley. Introd. from America. Fl. spring–summer. Lippia or Carpet Weed