Picris L.

12 species in Aust. (2 naturalized); all states and territories except NT

Annual, biennial or perennial herbs with taproot. Hairs are rigid and spinose, or have 2–4-fid tips which are straight or hooked. Leaves simple, entire to dentate; basal leave in rosette; cauline leaves alternate, stem clasping becoming smaller towards top of stem. Heads terminal or few to many in corymbose or cymose panicles. Involucral bracts 20–50 in 1–4 outer rows and 2 inner rows. Florets 20–90, all ligulate; rays yellow. Stylar branches yellow. Cypselas tapering to narrow tip, 5-ribbed; outer ones curved, inner ones ± straight. Pappus cream-white, plumose, in two rows, outer row smaller than inner.