Roldana La Llave

1 species naturalized AUST;. Qld, NSW

*Roldana petasitis (Sims) H.Robinson & Brettell

Perennial, hairy herb up to 2 m high, sometimes woody at the base. Leaves broad-ovate to orbicular, up to 20 cm long, palmately 9–13-lobed, petiolate. Heads numerous in a terminal panicle. Involucre 9–11 mm long; bracts in one row. Ray florets 4–6; rays bright yellow, 10–12 mm long. Disc florets 10–15, yellow. Cypselas subcylindrical, glabrous. Pappus up to 10 mm long. Coast. Garden escape, usually near habitation. Introd. from Mexico. Fl. spring