Santalum L.

6 species in Aust. (5 endemic); all states and territories except Tas.

Santalum obtusifolium R.Br.

Erect, glabrous shrub 1–2 m high. Leaves mostly opposite, 2–5 cm long, oblong-linear to lanceolate, obtuse, dark green on the upper surface, paler underneath; margins sometimes revolute. Flowers in short axillary cymes or racemes. Perianth c. 4 mm long; lobes triangular, shorter than the tube. Stamens inserted at the base of the perianth lobes. Ovary half-inferior. Fruit drupaceous, 6–8 mm diam., with a circular scar near the summit. Woronora Plateau; Blue Mts Fl. spring–summer