Selliera Cav.

1 species native Aust.; NSW, Vic., Tas., S.A.

Selliera radicans Cav.

Glabrous, creeping, perennial herb rooting at the nodes. Leaves linear-spathulate to ovate, entire, shining, thick, mostly 2–8 cm long. Flowers solitary or several together on short axillary peduncles. Sepals 5. Corolla white, brownish outside, 6–8 mm long, slit to the base on the posterior side; the lobes ± erect, without a membranous wing or almost so. Stamens free. Ovary inferior, 2-locular. Fruit an ovoid berry, 4–5 mm long. Seeds very sticky in water. Coast. Margins of saltmarshes. Fl. summer