Sigesbeckia L.

2 species in Aust. (1 native, 1 endemic); all states and territories

Sigesbeckia orientalis L.orientalis

Annual herb up to 2 m high. Leaves opposite, toothed, broad-ovate-triangular to lanceolate, 4–7 cm long; petioles usually dilated upward but not at the base. Heads pedunculate, in a dichotomous leafy panicle. Involucre 6–12 mm diam; bracts in 2 rows, the outer ones c. 10 mm long and covered with glandular hairs. Ray florets female, shortly ligulate or irregularly 2–3-lobed, yellow. Disc florets tubular, yellow. Cypselas c. 2 mm long, dark brown, usually curved. Pappus absent. Widespread. Open forests; margins of RF; roadsides. Usually on better soils, often abundant after fire. Fl. spring–autumn. Indian Weed