Spartothamnella Briq.

3 species endemic Aust.; all states and territories except Vic.

Spartothamnella juncea (A.Cunn. ex Walp.) Briq.

Glabrous, rigid or scrambling shrub or herb 1–3 m high with slender green 4-angled branches. Leaves opposite, reduced to small scales on mature stems; linear on juvenile stems. Flowers c. 3 mm diam., in short axillary cymes. Calyx divided almost to the base into 5 acute lobes, persistent and reflexed in fruiting stage. Corolla white. Fruit globular, drupaceous, orange, c. 3 mm diam., on a filiform reflexed pedicel. Coast and Cumberland Plain. WSF; margins of RF; coastal swamp forests. Fl. mostly summer