Stemmacantha Cass.

1 species endemic Aust.; Qld, NSW., Vic.

Stemmacantha australis (Gaudich.) Dittrich.

Herb to 60 cm high. Stems slightly woolly. Leaves oblanceolate, toothed to deeply pinnatifid, to 18 cm long reducing in size up the stem; petiolate below ± sessile above. Heads terminal, 3–6 cm diam. Outer Involucre bracts with lobed appendage, inner bracts lanceolate. Corolla 25–50 mm long, purple. Cypsela striated, 7–8 mm long. Pappus c. 20 mm long. Heavy soils. Western Blue Mts Extinct. Fl. spring–autumn. Austral Cornflower