Stenocarpus R.Br.

9 species in Aust. (7 endemic); Qld. NSW, NT, WA

Stenocarpus salignus R.Br.

Tree or large shrub, glabrous. Leaves narrow- to ovate-lanceolate, alternate, entire, 3–10 cm long. Flowers 10–20 in an axillary umbel c. 3 cm diam.; peduncle 2–4 cm long. Perianth yellowish, slit on the lower side while in bud; limb nearly globular and rolled back to one side. Hypogynous gland 1 or absent. Anthers sessile. Ovary stipitate, slightly pubescent. Style long, protruding from the perianth slit until released; pollen presenter expanded obliquely around the stigma. Fruit a narrow coriaceous follicle. Seeds 5–8, flat, imbricate, winged at the lower end. Widespread. Sheltered gullies, RF. Fl. spring. Scrub Beefwood