Streblus Lour.

2 species in Aust.; Qld, NSW

Streblus brunonianus (Endl.) F.Muell.

Tall monoecious shrub or tree, glabrous or nearly so. Leaves alternate, elliptic to ovate or lanceolate, mostly 1–7 cm long, mostly acuminate, denticulate, sometimes scabrous. Flowers axillary; male flowers in spikes 15–40 mm long; female flowers in very short spikes, usually containing only 3–4 flowers. Perianth segments c. 1 mm long. Ovary glabrous; style 2-fid. Fruit drupaceous, 6 mm diam., crowned by the stylar branches. Coastal areas; Woronora Plateau; Mt Wilson. RF. Fl. summer. Whalebone Tree