Suaeda Forssk.

5 species in Aust. (2 native, 3 naturalized); all states and territories except Tas.

Suaeda australis (R.Br.) Moq.

Glabrous herb up to 80 cm high. Leaves alternate, succulent, linear, 1–4 cm long (shorter towards the top of the plant), incurved. Flowers mostly bisexual, sessile, 1 mm diam., in a terminal panicle in the axils of reduced floral leaves. Perianth lobes 5, closing over the fruit; appendages absent. Stamens 5. Styles 2. Fruit enclosed in the almost globular perianth, 1.5–2 mm long. Sea coast and estuaries. Salt marshes. Fl. spring–summer Seablite