Triptilodiscus Turcz.

1 species endemic Aust.; Qld, NSW, Vic., S.A., WA

Triptilodiscus pygmaeus Turcz.

Decumbent to erect annual up to 10 cm high. Leaves linear, 1–3 cm long, with a few hairs. Heads sessile terminal or lateral. Involucre broad-ovoid, 4–6 mm diam.; bracts lanceolate, straw-coloured, scarious, fringed with long cilia, not radiating. Florets all tubular. Cypselas glabrous, 1–2 mm long. Pappus of 3–4 shortly plumose bristles c. 2 mm long, sometimes absent. Widespread. Grasslands and tall forests on clay soils. Fl. spring–summer.