Asterolasia F.Muell.

Calyx inconspicuous, hidden beneath hairs. Stigma large Asterolasia
Petals white to cream. Flowers usually several in a cluster
Petals c. 5 mm long. Leaves elliptic to lanceolate, 2–8 cm long, 8–20 mm wide, tomentose underneath. Shrubs 1–2 m high. Hornsby Plateau. Moist gullies. Ss. Fl. spring Asterolasia correifolia
Petals 8–14 mm long. Leaves lanceolate to elliptic, 4–13 cm long, acuminate, rusty tomentose underneath. Shrub up to 3 m high. Maroota. WSF. E. Fl. spring Asterolasia elegans