Bothriochloa Kuntze

Inflorescence branched once or twice, usually digitate Bothriochloa
Anthers 3. Pedicellate spikelet lanceolate, reduced to 2 glumes. Sessile spikelet 5–7 mm long; lemma 3 mm long, with an awn 17–20 mm long. Erect to decumbent tufted perennial 40–80 cm high, reddish-purple, glabrous except the inflorescence. Panicle 4–8 cm long. Rhachis with silky hairs at the joints. Chiefly grasslands and open woodlands. Common. Fl. spring–summer. Red Leg or Red Grass Bothriochloa macra
Pedicellate spikelet subulate, reduced to 1 glume. Anther 1. Sessile spikelet c. 5 mm long. Otherwise similar to B. macra. Uncommon. Pitted Blue Grass Bothriochloa decipiens