Bothriochloa Kuntze

9 species in Aust. (7 native, 2 naturalized); all states and territories except Tas.

Spikelets in pairs (terminal spikelets in threes), one sessile, the other pedicellate (Fig. 50l). Sessile spikelet with one bisexual floret and a sterile lemma below it; glumes subequal, the lower glabrous with scabrous edges and often a pit near the centre, upper glume hairy; sterile lemmas shorter than the glumes and enclosed in the upper glume; fertile lemma with a minute body, with a long twisted awn much longer than the glumes. Pedicellate spikelet sterile or male, awnless. Inflorescence a digitate or subdigitate panicle with 2–several branches. Pedicels and articles of the rhachis silky hairy and with a longitudinal transparent furrow.