Calandrinia Kunth

Fruit not red; roots not tuberous Calandrinia
Sepals up to 5 mm long
Fruiting pedicels reflexed or horizontal. Basal leaves terete to thickened-oblanceolate, up to 5 cm long. Petals 5, slightly exceeding the sepals. Taproot thin. Cumberland Plain; Blue Mts Open forests. Fl. spring Calandrinia calyptrata
Fruiting pedicels ascending. Basal leaves terete, linear to oblong, 15–30 mm long. Petals usually 4, slightly larger than the sepals. Taproot thick. Flowers in loose terminal racemes up to 8 cm long; bracts not leafy. Coast; Blue Mts Open forests. Ss. Fl. summer–autumn Calandrinia pickeringii