Celtis L.

At least the undersurface of the leaves smooth or hairy Celtis
Leaves entire, elliptic to lanceolate, 5–8 cm long, acuminate, with translucent dots, scarcely oblique; both surfaces glabrous. Inflorescence many-flowered. Fruit ovoid or globular, 4–6 mm diam., blue-black. Coast and adjacent plateaus. RF and gullies Celtis paniculata
Leaves dentate. Inflorescence 1–few-flowered. Upper surface of leaves scabrous, lamina ovate, 5–12 cm long, acuminate, margins coarsely toothed; oblique at the base; glabrous or pubescent underneath. Fruit globular, c. 8 mm diam., orange-red. Naturalized in places along the Nepean River. Introd. from N. America. Hackberry Celtis occidentalis