Convolvulus L.

Bracteoles minute, remote from the calyx. Capsule 2-locular Convolvulus
Outer sepals 4 mm or less long, apex rounded or retuse, glabrous to weakly hairy. Leaves similar in shape from base to top of stem, lanceolate-hastate or ovate-hastate, entire except for the basal lobe; glabrous or with a few crisped weakly spreading hairs; apex acute to rounded sometimes emarginate. Inflorescence solitary, axillary, a one sided dichasium with1–4 flowers, rarely 2 inflorescences per axil. Peduncles terete,ribbed. Pedicels recurved at fruiting stage. Seed surface with a regular pattern of tubercles. Perennial with a slender creeping rootstock. Widespread. Weed of cultivated and waste ground. Fl. spring–summer. Field Bindweed Convolvulus arvensis
Outer sepals more than 4 mm long, apex acute to rounded with recurved apiculum. Leaves extremely variable in shape from base to top of stem, sagittate-cordate to linear, slightly crenate to deeply incised