Coopernookia Carolin

Corolla lobes unequal, not spreading like a fan, stellate hairs present but sometimes sparse Coopernookia
Leaves linear to linear-lanceolate, glandular hairy, with a few stellate hairs, up to 30 mm long and 5 mm wide, ± revolute. Corolla bluish to pink-purple, 11–14 mm long. Erect, shrubby herb up to 60 cm high. Widespread on lower Blue Mts DSF. Fl. most of the year Coopernookia barbata
Leaves narrow-elliptic to elliptic, 40–90 mm long, 10–25 mm wide, stellate hairs obscuring the glandular hairs; margins almost flat. Erect, shrubby herb up to 80 cm high. Hunter River Valley. WSF. Fl. spring–summer Coopernookia chisholmii