Crassula L.

Stamens as many as petals Crassula
Leaves less than 10 mm long. Inflorescences with leaf-like bracts
Flowers solitary, axillary, on pedicels rather shorter than the leaves
Each carpel acuminate and subtended by a basal scale. Style c. half as long as ovary. Sepals and petals 1–2 mm long. Stems weak, floating and elongated when in water. Leaves linear to very narrow-ovate, mostly 2–6 mm long. Widespread. In ditches and on mud. Fl. winter–spring Crassula helmsii
Carpels obtuse, not subtended by a scale. Style c. one quarter the length of the ovary. Otherwise similar to C. helmsii. Cumberland Plain. Wet places, often on mud. Fl. winter–spring Crassula peduncularis