Crassula L.

Stamens as many as petals Crassula
Leaves less than 10 mm long. Inflorescences with leaf-like bracts
Flowers in axillary clusters, the whole often resembling a spike; or paniculate
Flowers in axillary clusters mixed with smaller leaves, the whole often forming a spike-like inflorescence. Sepals and petals c. 2 mm long. Ovary with 2 ovules. Succulent annual, flowering when very small but usually growing to a branching tuft up to 15 cm diam. Widespread in many situations Crassula sieberiana
Flowers in a spreading, axillary, corymbose panicle. Sepals and petals c. 3 mm long. Ovary with 4 or more ovules. Erect, much branched annual up to 7 cm high. Widespread. Damp ground or on rocks. Fl. winter–spring Crassula decumbensdecumbens