Crepis L. >

Upper peduncle and involucre bracts with glandular hairs, all cypselas sub-cylindrical Crepis
Plants hairy. At least the inner cypselas beaked
Involucral bracts pubescent with soft glandular and simple hairs. Basal leaves oblanceolate, up to 13 cm long and 3 cm wide, pinnatifid to toothed; cauline leaves smaller. Heads 10–15 mm diam. Cypselas more than 7 mm long; only the inner ones distinctly beaked. Herb up to 50 cm high with an unpleasant scent. Widespread. Weed of roadsides and waste places. Introd. from Europe. Fl. summer. Stinking Hawkebeard Crepis foetidafoetida